Once the frame is complete, the cable management contractor’s may follow the installation crews to install the cables.

  • If the contractors are aware of the skin positions (ie: position of glazing, etc…) wiring may be done with the open frame.
  • If glazing has been included in the project, all the glazed and utility skins that will not allow cable management within their area should be temporarily installed to ensure nothing is wired incorrectly.
  • To speed up installation, skins may be installed on one side of the structure until the wire management and electrical installation is complete. This requires appropriate scheduling between the trades and the IMT installers to ensure the installation progresses smoothly.

The Modular Partition does not include any electrical wiring/outlets as part of a standard quote. Plug and play options are available. Any electric style of system along with a qualified electrician (or Voice Data contractor) may install his preferred choice. This lowers cost the overall cost and assists the end user in standardizing infrastructure in the project.
Cabling may be routed:

  • Horizontally through the Square holes in the post.
  • Vertically anywhere within the Partition inner space.
  • All corner connectors will allow vertical cable management
  • Even in an all glass partitions, limited cable management may run through the open core of the Post.
  • When routing cables vertically through a post, one may attach the cables to the posts using cable ties.

Outlets for electrics and/or data & communication may be mounted on or in any solid skin and requires no special factory instruction. Standard installation (i.e. field cutting the location) does not void any IMT warranty.

  • Should the customer know in advance of manufacture dates, the outlet location and hole configuration, prefabricated skins with the proper knockouts may be ordered as specials.

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