When receiving the order proper attention should be made to the following matters:

  • Have you received what you have ordered? Does the packing ship match the number of parts & finishes? Please note that sometimes shipments will be split to various trucks, etc… thus only upon receiving all shipments will one know what is missing. Please use order form and shipping details for accurate product checking.
  • Are there any damaged parts? If so please report it to us promptly so that a proper replacement component can be supplied as soon as possible.
  • Storage with easy access – Proper on site storage is vital so that no damage will occur to the components during the time of installation.
  • Clean Site – If possible it’s best to work on a clean site where no other contractors with the exception of the electrical and cabling crew. Access for proper tools use is required along with an accessible approved place for waste during assembly.
  • Please remember – Time Is Money so an efficient installation will be faster, easier & more economical.

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